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For 10 generations, our family has been cultivating vines in the heart of the Sancerre region. We have established our domain in the well-known village of Chavignol reputed for its wines (produced from vines grown on steep and well-exposed slopes) and for its goat cheese "Crottin de Chavignol".
Starting with 2 hectares in 1950, Henri Bourgeois and his sons have enlarged the vineyard to 60 hectares ideally situated on the best slopes of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé.
We put our hearts and souls into growing our vines and producing our wines.
Tradition passed on from father to son watches over the soil, wine production (sometimes improved by new techniques) and local culture

The Vinyard of Sancerre:
The Sancerre vineyard situated 200 kilometers to the south of Paris is characterized by broken hills along the river Loire.
Today it is spread on 2000 hectares, mainly planted with Sauvignon grapes for the white wines (80%) and with Pinot Noir grapes for the red and rosé wines (20%).
The Pouilly-sur-Loire vineyard is located on the right bank of the river Loire. Its 800 hectares are planted in Sauvignon grapes.

In Sancerre as in Pouilly-sur-Loire, the soils are of a wide variety. They are divided into 3 zones:
clayey-chalky marls
(mixture of shells and clay).
 very stony and chalky slopes.
 stony and flinty soils.

Each soil has a slight influence on the wine and gives a personal touch to the quality of the wine.
In this way, we are able to offer you wines that show the various soils' authenticity.

Region: Loire Valley     Grape Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Soil: Clayey-chalky        Exposure: South-East slopes
Age of the Vines: 15 to 30 years old   Yields: Around 50 hl/ha
Fermentation: In stainless steel tanks thermo-regulated
Color: pale yellow     palate: Well-balanced, vibrant and fresh.
Aromas: Perfumed and fruity with typical notes of Sauvignon

Jean-Marie Bourgeois is familiar in many parts of the world. This energetic figure, the head of a whole tribe of curious and open-minded people, is a globe-trotting ambassador for his wines.One day he can de found in Tokyo, the next day in Vancouver, and then (after a stop for lunch in Boston) back at home in the famous little village of Chavignol, facing Sancerre from a few kilometers away on its own steep hills. For years Chavignol has had a higher than average proportion of great winemakers, in a region of very good ones. (Of course the town is equally famous for its superb goat cheeses.) Sancerre made in this village frequently has notable grip, persistent minerality and racy purity. Enjoy Bonnes Bouches as an aperitif or with dinner, as a counterpoint to rich food, or the perfect mate to any seafood. This is, finally, where Sauvignon Blanc reaches its apogee.

Crisp, clean, aromatic, zingy  Real Sauvignon Blanc, the best in the world, comes from Sancerre and its outlying villages in the northern center of France.  Decades ago it was known mostly as a "simple" Parisian bistro wine.  Today Sancerre's inimitable aromatic profile -- which derives as much from its soils of flint and limestone as from its grape variety -- these are among the admiring words used to describe , which, like this one, come from the upper reaches of the Loire River valley in central France.  (True, very good white wine is made from this grape all over the world, but this is from the genuine epicenter.)  Here there is pleasure in the clear precision of Bourgeois' interpretation of Sauvignon: very dry suggestions of flinty soil and grapefruit zest, framed handsomely by perfectly balanced acidity.  Try this beauty with seafood, goat cheese, stir-fried vegetables, as an aperitif...

La Bourgeoise

his is a Sancerre of both richness and elegance.  The fullness of flavor is a result of the old vine selection.  The classic elements of mineral and green grass are subtle accents to rich, intense Sauvignon Blanc aromas and flavors.  Stainless still aging preserves freshness and allows the fullness and focus to follow through to the finish.