Domaine Brintet
(Mercurey - Burgundy)

From Italian origin, the Brintet family has been producing wine for more than 4 centuries. The Domaine has now 13 hectares (around 27 acres) out of the 600 of the appellation Mercurey. The vineyards are spread over different areas, called "climats", which give wines with a certain typicity, easily noticeable upon tasting.
Véronique and Luc Brintet focus first on the vines. They look for low yields, attach importance to the choice of the pruning and do a "green harvest" when necessary. The maturity is followed day by day, so the grapes could be harvested at the peak of polyphenolic maturity and in the best health. The harvest is carefully sorted and de-stemmed before maceration.
After a cool maceration to extract the best of the Pinot Noir, and a temperature-controlled fermentation, the wine is matured during 12 months in oak barrels. Véronique and Luc Brintet worked with barrel makers to adapt the oak origin and the charring in perfect harmony with their wines. This hard and long work was essential to reveal the terroir of each one of their climates.
Mercurey Rouge Les Vieilles Vignes
This vineyard definitely merits its name with the vines being 63 years old. The naturally low yield produce structured and full-bodied wines. The color is deep and dense. The intense aromas of red berries are melted with a touch of black current buds, which became predominant in the long finish.
This wine reaches its apogee after 4 or 5 years, but can be drunk in 2 or 3 years.