Château du Cèdre


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Château du Cèdre is located in the village of Viré sur Lot, a little village with a long wine-making tradition in the western part of the appellation Cahors. Established in 1956 by Charles Verhaeghe, it is now owned by his two sons. Jean-Marc takes care of the vineyard, while Pascal is the vintner, a perfect association.
The estate's 25 ha (23 ha in red, 2 ha in white) are situated on a series of hills which are formed by the appellation's two best terroirs. Half, is on a terroir locally named "Le Tran", a deep clay-limestone soil full of stones. The vines' roots can make their way deep between these stones, which play also a role in the hydric and thermic regulation. The other terroir (thus the second half of the estate) is mainly composed of pebbles mixed with reddish iron-bearing sands on top, and mixed with clay and flint in the sub-soil.
Because Château du Cèdre has been gifted with such a terroir, it's evident to the owners that it has to be treated with utmost respect. The vines are severly pruned and don't receive any fertilizer. The yield is controlled vine by vine and maturity is watched carefully, so the vintner is able to reveal the whole potential of the Malbec variety (called Cot in the region).
Traditional methods and modern equipment are the two watchwords that rule the vinification in order to obtain the best quality. The grapes are gently crushed and entirely destemmed, after a manual sorting. The fermentation is precisely monitored with high-tech equipment; maceration is rather long in order to have a slow and smooth extraction, respectful of the fruit and of the vintage's characteristics.
These wines, strong and black like all Cahors wines, are pleasant with roasted meats, game, foie gras and strong cheeses.