At Centeilles, in spite of all opposition, we continue to rehabilitate the oldest Languedoc grape variety recognized by the AOC: the refined, yet misunderstood Cinsault.

A "wine for tasting" and not a "wine for smelling', it has found a nice little niche with its elegance and femininity, thanks to our sommelier and restaurant friends, who know that this cuvée can face up to any other wine in the "empty bottle test", and who do not hesitate to sometimes even serve it with fish.

The quintessence of Cinsault: a very sheltered parcel from which the grapes are gathered extremely mature, the n crushed by treading, followed by seemingly endless vatting (2 months under pomace).  The result is a wine which is as atractive as a gourmandise.

When speaking about vintages of Cinsaults from Centeilles, and the cuvées C
AMPAGNE and CAPITELLE, a ceratain number of annoying people told us when we arrived at Centeilles in 1990: "You were lucky, this was an exceptional year".  In 1991, the same people argued: "The ripeness is no doubt late compared to 1990, but you profited from good climatic conditions in the late season".  In 1992 (rainy in spring, dry in the summer, no equinoctial autumn rain, but dull grey weather during the whole of the grape harvest) these incorrigible Cassandras argued: "You've done pretty well; it has rained everywhere except at Centeilles".  And so forth…

In short, vintages go by: C
AMPAGNE and CAPITELLE carry on as usual, thwarting all obstacles and giving us, every year, cuvées that are each different but every bit as good as their elders.  This is due, it is true, to a privileged terroir and costly but effective cultivating practices.

Then, as we go on, we allow ourselves certain paradoxical attitudes, even going so far as to make a place of honour (moved by its sudden disfavour) for our long-hated grape variety, and the most recent immigrant to our region (it only arrived a century ago), the Carignan.


Appellation: AOC Minervois
Grape Varieties: 100% Carignan

An other eccentricity of Patricia and Daniel Domergue from Clos Centeilles. In addition to their Cinsault project they produce this cuvée, a 100% Carignan wine vinified by carbonic maceration.


Grape Varieties: 1/3 Mourvèdre- 1/3 Grenache
                      - 1/3 Syrah
Appellation: AOC Minervois
Patricia and Daniel Domergue worked hard at the estate since 1990 to reveal its varied
terroirs. Their other goal was to understand the potential of the indigenous grape varieties. Thus Cinsault and Carignan are celebrated here!!

Appellation: AOC Minervois
Grape Varieties: 80 to 90 % Cinsault - the rest in Syrah
A wine that shows the unexpected potential of old Cinsault vines, a misunderstood grape variety, although the oldest one recognized in the Languedoc AOCs. This wine is a revelation.