Luc Pirlet

Propriétaire & Négociant Eleveur

Chardonnay CC ST               Merlot CC ST               Cabernet Sauvignon  CC ST  Viognier ST         Pinot Noir ST CC         

Luc Pirlet's original occupation was that of a wine négociant; it was only later in life that he became a vineyard owner, grape grower, and vintner. Obviously, it was a sideways move rather than a completely new career. A background in sales aided Pirlet as his vision settled into place, helping him to decide exactly what to offer the public.

Pirlet's vineyards are divided between the hills near Mont Alaric and flatter land near the Mediterranean coast. The 2 areas produce different kinds of wines, with character rich and powerful in the flatlands, more sprightly and delicate in the mountains. Obviously it's important to select the essence of each particular microclimate, and unite them all in a harmonious whole.

And the wines are not ordinary varietals — their individuality is grounded in flavor allied to finesse, rather than to mere strength. These are southern wines made from grapes celebrated in more northerly French regions, or, put another way, southern soils expressed in northern grapes.

Constant exploration and reassessment of the soil and climatic conditions within this wide geographical range is part of the task to wich Pirlet, a humble but engaging man, has set himself, with the goal of producing wines of balance and complexity year after year.