"Il bianco de l'Otela", as the old inhabitants of Northern Italy's Peschiera sometimes called it, is none other than the Trebbiano di Lugana of the Montresor family, winegrowers for many generations. And the tradition continues. Franscesco left the legal profession and, with is father Ludovico, has dedicated all of his time to the pursuit of the highest quality wines. Franscesco and his wife Elena also handle the exporting.

The Ottella Lugana, thanks to the care dedicated to the vineyard, to the harvest (fastidiously done by hand in 18 kg containers), and to the wonderful nature of the soil, which (extremely well-suited for viticulture) is born of great distinction. The Montresor family vinifies all the grapes from their own 25 hectares of vineyards and those of longtime growers, in order to guarantee that the highest quality wine possible is derived from the terreno.

This land is at the southern end of Lake Garda, which exerts a considerable and favorable influence on the adjacent vineyards. In this unexpectedly benign climate the much-maligned variety Trebbiano can flourish, especially if it is grown with care and not permitted to over-produce. Here is a beautiful example of the result: a very aromatic bouquet introduces mild, somewhat broad flavors to the palate. The wine is quite dry, but not particularly hard edged, and in a forthright and attractive way makes its case for its grape and soils, and its producers, who must be complemented for coaxing such balance into being.

                                         Appellation:             Lugana
Localization: Peschiara del Garda
Surface area: 25 hectares
Grape varities: 100% Trebbiano di Lugana
Color: Light yellow
Aromas: Richly-textured fruit

                                               Palate:                Considerable body, crisp and long dry finish