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Morena Trere is in charge of a small, family-owned property located 50 kilometres from Bologna, along the Roman Via Emilia, on hills in the rich Romagna countryside which slope gently down to the ancient town of Faenza. For centuries Faenza has been known the world over for its ceramics (hence `Faience'). The estate covers an area of 34 hectares devoted mainly to vineyards of organically-grown grapes and hazelnuts.


Our 2 featured wines from Trere are produced from Sangiovese, the mainstay grape of Chianti. In most of the area it produces an easy-to-drink red wine, locally consumed with pasta or full-flavored seafood dishes. Meant to be drunk young, the wine varies from insipid to delightful, depending on where the grapes are grown and how talented and committed the producer.























The best grapes for Sangiovese di Romagna are grown in the hills southeast of Bologna,
Emilia-Romagna's capital. Hillside vineyards usually produce better wine, since rapid drainage
prevents the grapes from swelling and diluting their flavor. Also, the cooler temperatures at higher elevations retard the grapes' ripening, allowing them to develop more flavor.
Morena uses grapes from a collection of her hillside vineyards, dubbed Vigna del Monte
(literally, mountain vineyard), to make this immediately appealing, concentrated wine. Ripe, bright cherry flavors without astringent tannins make it a perfect foil for pasta alla Bolognese.

The Sangiovese Vigna dello Sperone gets its name from the hillside spur-trained vineyard on the southwest corner of the estate. This vineyard produces a richer, more concentrated wine, with flavors of black cherry and hints of cherry compote.
These wines delightfully match to the usual Italian red-sauced dishes, and are a pleasant change from Tuscan renditions. But why limit yourself? They're also great with roast chicken, or seafood in a tomato-based sauce, as well as the usual grilled summer specialities.