Vecchio Greppo

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Here, at a bargain price, is a lovely red wine, full of softb dark fruit flavors. The heel of Italy's boot is known for a number of similar wines, usually at twice the price.
A grape common to many of them, the poetically named Negroamaro, her comprises 90% of the bottle, the balance being Malvasia nera. Grown in Puglia's Salento district, on clay chalk soils where sea breezes ventilate their trellises, the grapes ripen to perfection late each summer.
Harvest is manual, followed by destemming and light crushing. Then a soft pressing, cool fermentation (here's the break with local tradition) on the skins for a week or so, and bingo! spicy, easy to drink, honest red wine, uniquely representative of its grapes, its regional traditions, and judicious modern winemaking. What a deal!
Area of Production: central Salento, in Puglia
Grape varieties: 90% Negroamaro

10% Malvasia Nera

Cultivation: trellised espaliers

Soils: calcareous clays

Climate: mild winters, with very arid springs and summers

Harvest: manual

Vinification: destemmed crushing, soft pressing, ca. 28o vinification on skins for 3 _ 8 days

Total acidity: 6.5%

Alcohol content: 11% - 13%

Color: intense ruby red with a touch of garnet

Bouquet: spicy, varietally representative

Serve at: 65o F to 70o F

General comments: The relatively brief maceration permits this wine to be served with a wide variety of foods, from poultry to roasts and venison, or medium-ripe cheeses.