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Alentejo, Portugal

Susana Esteban was actually born and grew up in Spain, right on the Portuguese border. After graduating from Santiago de Compostela with a degree in chemistry she went on to get a Master’s in oenology from La Rioja University. However she has pursued her wine-making career in Portugal, starting at Quinta do Cotto in the Douro in 1999. In 2002 she moved to Quinta do Crasto. From 2007 she has worked as a consultant for several Alentejo wineries.

Finally in 2009 she started her own project, finding great old vineyards and making fantastic wine. The freshness and vibrancy of her wines are truly remarkable.


Aventura Vinho Regional Alentejano Branco
Aventura Vinho Regional Alentejano Tinto

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