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Etna, Italy

Filippo Ayunta checks all the boxes. Organic wine, mountain wine, island wine, volcano wine! Farming a tiny estate (2.8 hectares) of old vines at 700 meters, in the shadow of Mount Etna. Filippo is far more than a hipster’s idol. He’s a passionate and dedicated vigneron, making layered and elegant wine that sings of this unique place.

With a focus on bringing out the best personality of the terroir and the indigenous grapes from Mount Etna, he works manually in the vineyards, using no chemicals and  winemaking in artisan way only the best grapes.  Seeking elegance, balance and freshness, Filippo looks to obtain the pure taste of the terroir and all the differences of every vintages in every single vineyards.

Ayunta Etna Rosso ‘Navigabile’
Ayunta Etna Blanco ‘Piantesparse’

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