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La Morra, Italy

This is a small family-run winery in La Morra, covering some 8 hectares. The family name is Viberti, but their local nickname has always been ‘Ballarin’ or dancers. While the farm has always produced grapes, it was only 25 years ago that estate-bottled wine became the primary focus. Giorgio and Giovanni Viberti are justifiably proud of all their wines, from the mighty Bricca Rocca, and elegant Tre Ciabot to the irresistibly gulpable Cino.

Cascina Ballarin Langhe Rosso ‘Cino’
Cascina Ballarin Barolo
Cascina Ballarin Barolo ‘Tre Ciabot’
Cascina Ballarin Barolo ‘Bricco Rocca’

Point of Sale
Cascina Ballarin Langhe Rosso ‘Cino’ - ST

Cascina Ballarin Barolo - ST


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