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Bergerac, France

Vincent Alexis is the latest of eight generations to grow vines and make wine on this substantial estate in Bergerac. His father and grandfather still work with him on the hundred-plus acres. Vincent has returned the domaine to traditional, organic practices in the vineyard and the cellar. Indeed tiny quantities of sulfites are the only additive he allows. He pays meticulous attention to each vine, and practices rigorous cleanliness in the cellar.

There is no recipe for the wines. Depending on the style they are raised in a mixture of stainless-steel tanks, concrete vats, amphorae, and barrels old and new. Vincent aims for freshness and pleasure in all his wines. Wood is used primarily for its controlled oxidative action rather than any vanilla or toast flavoring.


Château Barouillet Bergerac Blanc ‘Bergecrac’
Château Barouillet Bergerac Rouge ‘Bergecrac’
Château Barouillet Monbazillac
Barouillet SPLASH! Pétillant Naturel


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