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Rheinhessen, Germany


To those of us who grew up drinking the classic wines of the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer and Rheingau it came as a shock to taste the thrillingly pure, mineral wines of Becker Landgraf. We simply had no idea that the Rheinhessen harbored such jewels.

Julia trained as a chartered engineer, Johannes as an oenologist, subsequently making the wines at his parents’ estate in Rheingau. In 2005 they married, and Johannes joined Julia in running her family estate in Gau-Odernheim. They dry farm with as little intervention as possible, using only organic fertilizer, and interspersing green fallow plots in the vineyards. Their vineyard sites are distinctive, but are essentially calcareous clay. Wine-growing is documented on the Petersberg as far back as 850.


Becker-Landgraf Riesling Trocken Estate Rheinhessen
Becker-Landgraf WeissburgunderTrocken Rheinhessen Gau-Odernheimer
Becker-Landgraf Spatburgunder Trocken Rheinhessen Gau-Odernheimer

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