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Charchigne, France

Eric is a former sommelier, who returned to take over the family estate in 1992. His approach to making cider and perry is influenced by his experience with wine. He focuses on purity and precision, and letting the terroir speak through the fruit. He has been lionized in publications as diverse as The Art of Eating and the New York Times.


Nouvelle Vague ­

A thirst-quenching, gulpable cider, between brut and demi-sec. 4% alcohol by volume. Comes in cases of 2 x 5L mini-kegs.

Bordelet Sidre Tendre

Bright and lively with a hint of sweetness. Low alcohol, 3.5-4% by volume.

Bordelet Sydre Argelette

The top of the line cider, complex and age-worthy, made from up to 19 varieties. 5% by volume, varies with vintage. Argelette is the traditional name for schistous rock.

Bordelet Poiré Authentique ­

Demi-sec perry, light and fresh, 4% alcohol by volume. Try it as an aperif, or with cheese or seafood.

Bordelet Poiré Granit

From ancient deep-rooted pear trees grown on granite soils. 4% alcohol by volume. Very fine and complex


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