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Bourgueil, France

The family name is quite a mouthful, but they’re not going to shorten it for marketing purposes. Philippe Boucard and his wife Patricia and sister Stephanie are just the three most public members of an extended family that farms one of the most extensive domains in Bourgueil. The domaine was founded in 1869, boasting 5 generations of winegrowers, with a sixth waiting in the wings. The family first bottled their wine for re-sale in 1947, something quite rare outside of the greatest estates in Burgundy and Bordeaux. It was, and continues to be made in a relatively traditional style, capable of long ageing, as attested by the ancient vintages slumbering in the mold-covered cellars.

The domain counts 44 hectares of vineyards, divided into 61 parcels, with an average age of 35 years, and a vineyard density of 5000 vines per hectare. It is planted to 85% Cabernet Franc and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. All parcels are vinified separately, with the sandy and gravelly terroirs vinified primarily in stainless steel to preserve freshness, and the limestone clay terroirs vinified in conical wooden vats to maximize color and tannin extraction.

The appellation of Bourgueil extends over 7 villages on the border of Anjou and Touraine. It has mixed soils of gravel, flinty clay, and limestone clay. It is of course Cabernet Franc that defines the character of the wine. An ancient grape, it is believed to be descended directly from a wild grape. It was already cultivated in Bordeaux in the 1st century BC, and is considered the father of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It has been grown in Bourgueil at least since 987 according to local abbey records.


Lamé Delisle Boucard Bourgueil Cuvée Chesnaies
Lamé Delisle Boucard Bourgueil Cuvée Prestige

Point of Sale
Lamé Delisle Boucard Bourgueil Cuvée Chesnaies - ST

Lamé Delisle Boucard Bourgueil Cuvée Prestige - ST


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