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Chavignol, France


The Bourgeois family are justly proud that they are the tenth generation of wine-makers. For a sizeable operation, you are still aware of that pride, and it still feels like a family business. And of course, that’s what it is, a family of families. There are Bourgeois in every corner of the place: uncles and aunts, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, cousins of every stripe.

Henri was the grandfather of the current generation, and the first to move from mixed agriculture to just growing grapes and making wine. His sons Rémi and Jean-Marie expanded from the few hectares in Chavignol, seeking out the best parcels available in Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé.


The current generation, Arnaud, Jean-Christophe and Lionel, invested in a modern, gravity-fed winery and long term contracts with the best growers in the area. Like Burgundians of the same age, they understood they could operate a domaine and a negoce without compromising quality. At the same time as they expanded they focused on isolating the best micro-parcels, intensely studying the soil and plant life. While not certified organic, they grow grass in the rows, severely limit chemical intervention, and focus on healthy soil. Today the family grows 120 parcels of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, spread out over 72 hectares in the central Loire.

Their latest adventure is in Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand. Hardly a surprising choice, given their expertise in two particular grapes. Clos Henri is a fascinating expression of ‘virgin’ terroir and arguably home to the most subtle wines from New Zealand.



Petit Bourgeois Sauvignon Blanc Vin de France
Petit Bourgeois Rose de Pinot Noir
Henri Bourgeois Quincy ‘Haute Victoire’
Henri Bourgeois Sancerre Blanc ‘Les Baronnes’
Henri Bourgeois Sancerre Blanc ‘La Chapelle des Augustins’
Henri Bourgeois Sancerre Blanc ‘La Côte des Monts Damnés’
Henri Bourgeois Sancerre Blanc ‘La Bourgeoise’
Henri Bourgeois Sancerre Blanc ‘Jadis’
Henri Bourgeois Pouilly-Fumé ‘En Travertin’
Henri Bourgeois Sancerre Rosé ‘Jeunes Vignes’
Henri Bourgeois Sancerre Rouge ‘Les Baronnes’
Petit Clos Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough NZ

Clos Henri Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough NZ

Point of Sale

Bourgeois Petit Bourgeois Blanc - CC (long)
Bourgeois Petit Bourgeois Blanc - CC (top value loire)
Bourgeois Petit Bourgeois Blanc - ST (Globe Plonk)
Bourgeois Petit Bourgeois Blanc - ST
Bourgeois Pouilly Fume En Travertin - ST
Bourgeois Sancerre Jeunes Vignes Rose - ST
Bourgeois Sancerre La Chapelle - CC
Bourgeois Sancerre La Chapelle NV - ST
Bourgeois Sancerre Les Baronnes - CC
Bourgeois Sancerre Les Baronnes shorter - ST

Bourgeois Sancerre Les Baronnes - ST

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