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Montecucco, Italy

Daniele Rosselini and Nadia Riguccini started their own domaine in 2000. The estate lies in the Montecucco area, only 20 km south of Montalcino, overlooking the Maremma plain and the coast, some 40 km away. Both hold degrees in agricultural science, and have worked professionally for many years before this latest adventure. Daniele specialized in viticulture and oenology and worked for private estates as well as the Chianti consorzio (he was technical director). Nadia specialized in organic and biodynamic agriculture, and herbal medicine, and worked for the EU, among others.

While their professional experience is impressive, it’s their passion and commitment to a holistic life that is most remarkable. The reality is that the farm and its wine are almost as much a part of their family as their three children.

The land covers 23 hectares, 7 of them under vine, with more to be added later. They also produce honey and extra virgin olive oil. Current production is around 20,000 bottles.  They started farming organically, but since 2006 have farmed biodynamically.


Campi Nuovi Montecucco Sangiovese
Campi Nuovi Montecucco Sangiovese Riserva

Point of Sale
Campi Nuovi Montecucco Sangiovese - ST

Campi Nuovi Montecucco Sangiovese Riserva - ST

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