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Montlouis-sur-Loire, France

Francois Chidaine has many very talented neighbors. But in a region rich in greatness his name stands out. He is arguably one of the finest white wine-makers in the world. His father’s wines were always well regarded, but when Francois started his own domaine in 1989 with just a few hectares it was with the ambition of expressing terroir at the highest level possible. He started farming organically, later moving to biodynamics. (He remains very active in Biodyvin, one of the main biodynamic organizations.) The estate gradually expanded, and today extends over 37 hectares: 20 in Montlouis, 10 in Vouvray, and 7 in Chissay in the Touraine appellation. 

Due to a decision by the local regulatory body, a wine must now be vinified and raised in the village of Vouvray to qualify for the appellation. As Chidaine’s main chai and cellar is in Montlouis his Vouvrays have now been declassified to Vin de France, despite the fact they are among the very best wines of the appellation. Francois is appealing the decision.


Chidaine Montlouis Methode Traditionelle Brut conventional
Chidaine Montlouis Methode Traditionelle Brut organic
Chidaine Montlouis ‘Clos du Breuil’ (dry) organic
Chidaine Montlouis ‘Les Choisilles’ (dry) organic
Chidaine Montlouis ‘Les Bournais’ (dry, richer) organic
Chidaine Montlouis ‘Clos Habert’ (demi-sec) organic
Chidaine Montlouis ‘Les Tuffeaux’ (demi-sec) organic
Chidaine Montlouis Moelleux (sweet) organic
Chidaine Montlouis ‘Les Lys’ (sweet) organic
Chidaine Vin de France (Vouvray) Pétillant Brut non-dosé
Chidaine Vin de France (Vouvray) ‘Les Argiles’ (dry) organic
Chidaine Vin de France (Vouvray) ‘Clos Baudoin’ (dry) organic
Chidaine Vin de France (Vouvray) ‘Le Bouchet’ (demi-sec) organic
Chidaine Vin de France (Vouvray) Moelleux (sweet) organic
Chidaine Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

Chidaine Touraine Rouge (Cabernet Franc, Côt (Malbec) & Pineau d'Aunis)
Chidaine Touraine Rose Pinot Noir/Grolleau

Point of Sale

Chidaine Montlouis Methode Traditionelle NV ST
Chidaine Montlouis ‘Clos Habert’ (demi-sec) ST
Chidaine Montlouis ‘Les Tuffeaux’ (demi-sec) ST
Chidaine Touraine Sauvignon Blanc CC
Chidaine Touraine Sauvignon Blanc ST
Chidaine Touraine Rose Pinot Noir/Grolleau ST

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