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Terrasses du Larzac, France


The Terrasses du Larzac have long been recognized as a unique terroir, with great geological diversity and enough altitude to allow a long growing season and freshness. However it’s only recently that their true potential has been realized, with talented wine-makers creating their own small domaines.


Beatrice and Sebastien Fillon bought their estate to escape the rat race, and make great wine along the way. They farm their 15 hectares organically, and encourage diversity in the vineyard. It’s a very personal story, as Beatrice says:  ‘We wanted to change our lives, to move south to the only region where there is still land to clear’.


They harvest late, all 15 parcels, and after sorting and de-stemming the parcels are fermented separately in tronconic concrete tanks and fiberglass vats. All wines are matured in concrete tanks.



Clos du Serres Terrasses du Larzac ‘Sainte-Pauline’