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Côtes de Bordeaux, France

The Côtes de Bordeaux appellations are, perhaps, the least understood in the pantheon of Bordelais sub-zones. Less regal and solemn than their counterparts from the Médoc or Saint-Émilion, wines from this recently and somewhat loosely affiliated band of appellations in many ways resemble the wild wines of the Languedoc or the southwest more than stately Bordeaux - and that's as far from a slight as one can get.


This delicious little organic red from the Pestoury family at Château La Rose Bois Montet is case in point. Country wine through and through, it foregoes the pomp of the region in favor of pure charm and jovial spirit. The fifth-generation house established in the 1890's originated as a simple farm: livestock, fruit trees, and grapes. In 1997 (a full century later), stewardship of the 11-hectare property fell to Bertrand Pestoury, who now tends it alongside his wife, Isabelle, and daughter, Marie. The estate has been organic for years but completes its certification for the 2023 vintage.


Château La Rose Bois Montet

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