Cote-Rotie, France

The Duclaux brothers farm only 13 acres of vines. But one look at the impossibly steep slopes and ideal aspect of their holdings puts that in context. Based wholly in Tupin et Semons at the southern end of the Côte-Rôtie the land is incredibly difficult to work, but gives some of the greatest wine France can offer. The terraces on the Côte-Rôtie have existed since Roman times, if not before. The brothers view their inheritance and their work as part of the global patrimony. They farm sustainably and no insecticides or acaricides are used.


The style is transparent and fresh. While the wines can have great power, the brothers emphasize the subtle complexity of the terror.


Duclaux Côte-Rôtie ‘La Chana’

Duclaux Côte-Rôtie ‘La Germine’

Duclaux Côte-Rôtie ‘Maison Rouge



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