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Brauneberg, Germany


Since 1999, Stefan Steinmetz has represented the fifth generation of his family to tend vines in the Mosel, and a credit to his lineage his wines truly are. Based in Brauneberger, he and his wife Sammie work their exceedingly steep (up to 80°) vineyards tirelessly, about 12 hectares in total. Their specialty, of course, is Riesling, Queen of Grapes as they call it. Their renditions are remarkably focused and pure, reflections of their varied and idyllic vineyard sites.


Harnessing his generational understanding of factors such as the history of the land, the diverse slates present in vineyards’ soils, the effect of incline, and microclimate, Stefan and his team are able to produce some of the most evocatively typicite wines in all the Mosel. And while their Rieslings remain the focal point, there are exciting bottlings of Spätburgunder, Weißburgunder, Chardonnay, and Grauburgunder already with whispers of excitements like Chenin Blanc and Syrah on the horizon…


Günther Steinmetz Riesling Trocken 1L

Günther Steinmetz AP09 Brauneberger Riesling Trocken

Günther Steinmetz AP06/22 Brauneberger Riesling Juffer Kabinett

Günther Steinmetz AP35 Wintricher Geierslay Sur Lie

Günther Steinmetz AP34/21 Wintricher Ohligsberg GW Trocken
Günther Steinmetz AP41 Pinot Noir

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