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Ribeiro, Spain

Nestled in the wild, scenic beauty of Galicia in Spain's northwest, Coto de Gomariz was founded in 1978 by Ricardo Carreiro Ameijeiras. After some years of traveling abroad, he returned to Galicia with a singular purpose: to restore his home of Ribeiro's greatness as one of the world's top wine regions. Starting his own winery was only one piece of that puzzle. The thrust of his efforts was always to position the cast of local indigenous varieties at front and center of the newly created Ribeiro appellation.

Familiar names like Albariño and Mencía grow here, but even more paramount are less recognized grapes like Treixadura and Loureira on the white side and Sousón on the red. The unique soil composition of clayey sand draped over eroded granite combined with the valley's natural protective barriers from harsh Atlantic winds and storms creates ideal circumstances for the production of both red and white wines of truly individual character. Overlooking the River Avia with the lush green expanse of Galicia spreading toward the horizon, it's easy to see how this is a special place.

Since its inception, the winery has kept pace with advancement in the wine world at large. They slowly incorporated organics and eventually even tenets of biodynamic farming (they have never certified so as to remain limber). Sadly, Ricardo passed in 2008, but in 2009 Inma Pazos and Miguel Montoto joined the fray, bringing with them years of oenology and sommelier experience - the technical acumen to round out the heart and soul that makes Coto de Gomariz so special. Their wines transcend the frequently homogenous image of Galician wine as simple, snappy whites for seafood accompaniment, the Muscadet of Spain if you will; rather they speak with clarity of tradition, deeply engrained cultural cognizance, and terroir.

Their entry level line, "The Flower & The Bee," features one white and one red, both mono-varietal, easy drinking offerings that express Ribeiro's terroir but can be enjoyed freely and with gusto. As one climbs through the multiple tiers of their wines, they become increasingly cerebral...


Coto de Gomariz "The Flower & The Bee" Ribeiro Blanco

Coto de Gomariz Ribeiro Blanco

Coto de Gomariz "The Flower & The Bee" Ribeiro Tinto

Abadia de Gomariz Ribeiro Tinto

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