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Marche, Italy

Crespaia is the creation of Rossano Sgammini, a passionate producer who is full of energy and ideas, but who also cherishes the Marche’s ancient wine-making values and traditions. Established in 2011, this picturesque estate is perched among olive trees and vines in the rolling hills near the town of Fano on the Adriatic coast. The name “Crespaia” combines the Italian words expressing the rippling of the sea (crespe) and the honest integrity of the farm (aia).

After purchasing the 5 hectare estate, Rossano immediately set about replanting vines, restoring and improving the cellar, and improving viticultural practices. Rossano then bought the adjoining property, and in 2014 planted another 5 hectares. The total area is 10 hectares which actually surround the ancient church and Villa Bassa of Prelato.

The vineyards are worked organically (with official organic certification from 2016 on) and all grapes are hand-harvested in small containers to protect their quality. Rossano is ably assisted by New Zealand oenologist Shayle Lambie-Shaw.


Crespaia Bianchello del Metauro DOC

Crespaia Nerognolo Sangiovese Colli Pesaresi DOC


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