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Savennières, France


This beautiful 19th century château sits at a high point near the banks of the Layon, a tributary of the Loire that has long been known for the quality of its wines. Since 1822 the château has produced some of the best in the area. In 2006 it was bought by Michel Petitbois, who manages it today with the help of David Vigan, a former sommelier. Together they completed the conversion to organic farming, and are now exploring biodynamics.

The estate comprises 30 hectares, 16 of Chenin, 10 of Cabernet, 2 of Grolleau Noir, and 1 each of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. The soils are mainly schistous clay in the Layon parcels, and 100% schist in the 2 hectares of Savennières. Total annual production is around 7,000 cases.



Château du Breuil Couleurs du Breuil Petites Rochettes Anjou Blanc
Château du Breuil Savennières
Château du Breuil Couleurs du Breuil Le Grolleau IGP Val de Loire
Château du Breuil Anjou Rouge

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