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Bergerac, Loire & Languedoc

‘Les Equilibristes’ means tightrope walkers, and it’s that gravity-defying sense of balance that Florent and Francois aim to achieve. Francois de Monval is a merchant and restaurateur in Paris, Florent Girou is a winegrower and consulting oenologist in the Dordogne. Together they work with creative, independent growers to do something outside of their comfort zone, by creating new blends or focusing on neglected varietals. It’s a collaborative process, from choosing the site to final bottling.


These are their ground rules:

Great terroir


Minimal intervention in the cellar

Minimal use of sulfur

Complete synergy with the winegrower

Les Equilibristes ‘Hirsute’ Perigord Blanc

Les Equilibristes ‘Pic Poul’ Picpoul de Pinet

Les Equilibristes 'Bouillon aux Dames' Anjou Blanc

Les Equilibristes ‘Second Souffle’ Carignan Blanc Vin de France

Les Equilibristes ‘Hirsute’ Perigord Rouge

Les Equilibristes ‘Le Joufflu’ Vin de France Rouge

Les Equilibristes ‘Virevoltant’ Carignan Rouge Vin de France

Les Equilibristes ‘Seres’ Orange Vin de France

Les Equilibristes ‘Le Volute’ Cotes du Forez

Les Equilibristes ‘Zestos’ Pet Nat Vin de Franc

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