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Ribeira Sacra, Spain

The Ribeira Sacra stands with the Mosel and the Douro as one of the most spectacular and difficult-to-work wine-growing regions. Incredibly steep terraces require herculean effort to farm, but reward the drinker with minerality and stony freshness. The soils are alluvial over slate. Viticulture here goes back to Roman times, but was expanded and refined by the monks during the Middle Ages. The many monasteries gave the ‘Sacred Shore’ its name.

Rubén Moure inherited vines from his grandfather, and has long made and bottled Ribeira Sacra Mencia and Godello. In 2008 he established his new winery, the Prior de Panton, giving him more control over production. He works with small plots of old vines, and ferments at cool temperatures to retain fruit and vivacity. He has since expanded to Bierzo, where he found similarly privileged vineyards


Finca Cuarta Ribeira Sacra Mencia

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