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Custoza, Italy

Roberto Bricolo started Gorgo back in 1973 with 22 hectares. Today it stretches over 60 hectares, almost all part of the “Bianco di Custoza” and “Bardolino” production areas. He runs the estate with the help of his daughter Roberta. The wines are fresh and direct, with a winning minerality, and have been widely recognized by Gambero Rosso and the rest of the Italian wine press.

Gorgo sits on glacial moraine just south east of Lake Garda, near the village of Custoza. The light textured soil of this area is typically whitish, and consists of rock fragments, pebbles, humus and silt rich in calcium carbonate concentration at high pH.

The vineyards are managed using traditional local methods including the use of organic fertilizers, and plowing of the vineyards. Harvest, which is almost entirely by hand, can stretch over 45 days to achieve full maturity.


Cantina Gorgo Custoza
Cantina Gorgo Custoza ‘San Michelin’

Point of Sale

Cantina Gorgo Custoza - ST

Cantina Gorgo Custoza ‘San Michelin’  - ST

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