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Saumur-Champigny, France

Philippe Vatan, now accompanied by his daughter Agathe, oversees this domaine of 20 hectares from a fairytale chateau on the banks of the Loire. Set into the chalk cliffs, which also house the cellars, the chateau is a fitting symbol of the winery’s excellence, achieved over 25 years of incremental improvement. Philippe has gradually moved the domaine to organic farming. Initially skeptical, he became convinced that organic practices brought a new level of nervosity and freshness to the wines.

The vineyards include some of the best terroirs of the appellation (‘La Corde’, ‘les Fevettes’, ‘Fiefs Garniers’, ‘les Gruches’). It is of course the ‘tuffeau’ (limestone/tufa – a cretaceaous chalk) which distinguishes the terroir. The vines receive the most meticulous care: short pruning, grass grown between the rows, plowing of the rows, bud-thinning in spring and bunch-thinning in summer, 75% hand-picked, with selection both at the vine and on a sorting table.


Chateau du Hureau Saumur-Champigny Tuffe
The estate’s largest cuvee, from young and old vines, and diverse terroirs, all characterized by the ‘tuffe’ or tuffeau rock. Easy-drinking Cabernet Franc, with plenty of Champigny character.
Chateau du Hureau Saumur-Champigny Four A Chaux
A parcel selection from one of the finest terroirs of the appellation. From a light sandy clay over tuffeau, exposed SouthEast. 20-50 year old vines. Supple and rich, a complex red.
Chateau du Hureau Saumur-Champigny Lisagathe
From their finest vineyard, directly above the chateau itself. Power, depth, elegance and finesse. The best that Cabernet Franc can offer.
Chateau du Hureau Saumur Foudre
A parcel selection of Chenin Blanc that gives a dry racy, stony wine with an interminable finish. Holds its own with the greatest whites of the Loire.

Point of Sale
Chateau du Hureau Saumur-Champigny Tuffe - ST
Chateau du Hureau Saumur-Champigny (Organic) - ST


Hureau Tuffe 12 Reds from the Loire valley (David Williams-Life and Style -The Guardian)

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