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Lamole-Greve, Italy

The Grassi family have been winegrowers in Lamole since 1620, but in 2000 sisters Susanna and Maddalena set up a new organization for the family farm: Agricola I Fabbri, named after the blacksmith’s forge in the village that overlooked the vineyards. For centuries the Grassi had been blacksmiths as well as vinegrowers. The sisters aim was to restore the vineyards to their former glory.

They farm 9 hectares of vines (Sangiovese, and a little Canaiolo and Merlot) and 2 of olives, with another 24 hectares of woodlands skirting the old village. Lamole sits 500 meters above sea level near Greve in Chianti, and was the birthplace of Chianti Classico. It is often referred to as the ‘roof’ of Chianti for its altitude. I Fabbri’s vineyards range in altitude from 450 to 630 meters. Given the cooler climate, the wines retain great freshness and a penetrating bouquet. 

They currently bottle 60% of their production, a mere 3,000 cases.

The vines benefit from a natural amphitheater facing south-southwest. In 2002 Susanna and Maddalena replanted and restored the centuries-old terraces carved into the hill, which combined with the excellent sandstone drainage ensures perfect maturity for the Sangiovese. They also completed the conversion to organic viticulture, and implemented a broader biodynamic approach to the farm.


I Fabbri Chianti Classico ‘Lamole’
I Fabbri Chianti Classico Riserva

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