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Porto, Portugal

Quinta do Infantado is a small family estate in Gontelho near Pinhao in the upper Douro valley, dating back to 1816. The area’s steep terraced vineyards are considered among the best for port production. João Roseira and his sister Catherine were the first to estate-bottle (in 1979), a practice that used to be forbidden, as wine had to be shipped to Vila Nova de Gaia to be bottled. In 1986 they managed to have the law changed, and were allowed to begin exporting.

The entire estate is classed A, the highest possible vineyard rating. The viticulture and wine-making are traditional, and the vines are farmed sustainably, and organically where possible (though only two wines are certified and declared as such). The wines are still fermented in stone lagares. João designed and had built a machine that mimics the gentle pressure of human foot-treading. It even has ‘toes’! In an era when labor is not cheap and time can be of the essence, he can use a robot to work the lagar while his team is picking the next parcel. He’s that rare character that combines a sensitive and enquiring mind with passion and rigor. His enthusiasm never seems to flag, and he is known for actively encouraging younger wine-makers.


The Infantado style is somewhat drier than other estates, as João ferments longer before adding wine brandy to stop the fermentation. The result is a fresher, more vinous port, less syrupy than its more famous neighbours.  He also produces delicious dry table wines with the Douro appellation.


Quinta do Infantado Ruby Port
Quinta do Infantado Tawny Port
Quinta do Infantado White Port

Quinta do Infantado 10 Year Tawny Port

Quinta do Infantado LBV Port
Quinta do Infantado Reserva Port
Quinta do Infantado Vintage Port
Quinta do Infantado Douro Tinto
Quinta do Infantado Douro Tinto Organic

Point of Sale

Quinta do Infantado Port - ST
Quinta do Infantado Ruby and Tawny Port - ST
Quinta do Infantado Douro Tinto - ST

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