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Faugères, France


This is a sizeable family estate of 60 hectares, where the Vidal-Dumoulins make a full range of wines using the classic varieties. The terroir, as for all of Faugeres, is schist. The vines lie on slopes between 150 and 350 meters, and are exposed to the dual winds of the Tramontane and the Marin. All the wines are organic and reflect this classic Mediterranean terroir. Though they have roots going back to the 1700s at least, it’s only since the 1960s that the family have focused on producing high-quality wine. They farm 70 separate parcels, and vinify 50 different cuvees to make a total of ten wines. Time and again the wines stand out for their freshness and elegance, no small achievement in an area where it’s easy to get power and extraction.



Chateau de la Liquière 'Vieilles Vignes' Faugères

Chateau de la Liquière 'L'Unique' "Gaz de Schiste" Pet Nat

Chateau de la Liquière 'L'Ampoule' Faugères

Point of Sale

Chateau de la Liquière Faugères Vieilles Vignes - ST

Chateau de la Liquière Faugères Vieilles Vignes - CC

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