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Abymes, France

Abymes is one of 17 crus allowed to add their names to the Vin de Savoie appellation. The name Abymes comes from the French word “abimé” which means broken and refers to the broken stones in the avalanches from the mountains Alps. More specifically it refers to the cataclysmic avalanche of November 25th, 1248 when an entire side of the Mont Granier sheared off and destroyed 12 square kilometers, including the town of Saint Andre and fifteen hamlets. Almost 5,000 people perished. The land remained uncultivated until the 18th century, when some vines were re-planted. The soil is a mix of stones, limestone blocks and marl.

Some 15km south of Chambéry, in spectacular Alpine scenery, you find this small 10 hectare family estate. The domaine was founded by Roger and Marc Labbe in 1975. At the time, Roger was getting by on mixed farming. He and Marc and another brother worked the vines on the weekends, planting Appellation Controlee grapes. In 2004 they passed the baton passed to their children, cousins Alexandra and Jérome, who have brought new passion to the work. The wines are fresh and mineral, and unusually good value.


Domaine Labbé Vin de Savoie ‘Abymes’
Domaine Labbé Savoie Rosé

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