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Collioure & Banyuls, Roussillon, France

The large and tentacled Parce family has deep roots in Banyuls and Collioure, first popping up in the records in 1635. They are founders and leading lights of both appellations, but there isn’t a whiff of hauteur. Thierry and Jean Emmanuel of La rectorie have their feet and fingers in the dirt, the sparse schist soils of the slopes that plunge towards the Mediterranean. There were breaks in wine-making continuity, and so this latest generation feels that they have had to learn their birthright from scratch, rather than inheriting it. They are all the more passionate for it. The wines are elegant and fresh because they believe that is the truth of the terroir.


La Rectorie Montagne Collioure rouge

La Rectorie  Cote Mer Collioure rouge

La Rectorie La Bergerie des Abeilles rouge

La Rectorie La Bergerie des Abeilles rose

La Rectorie Therese Reig Banyuls Rimage

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