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Sicilia, Italy

It all started with the recipe for nonna’s home-made liqueur. And it grew from there. Rita and Josefina Russo take the fruit from their 50 hectare fruit farm in Sicily and make natural liqueurs without any coloring or preservatives. They use only the best fruit, cultivated with care and respect for the environment without the use of pesticides or chemical elements; only the best alcohol, from Italian grapes; only the best cinnamon and the best spices.

Limonio Limone (Lemon)
Limonio Alloro (Laurel)
Limonio Arancione (Orange)
Limonio Cannella (Cinnamon)
Limonio Fico d’India (Prickly Pear)
Limonio Gelsi (Mulberry)
Limonio Mandaretto (Tangerine)
Limonio Spezie (Spices)

Point of Sale & Literature

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Limonio Cocktail Recipes
Limonio Storage & Tasting Order
Limonio Brochure

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