Roussillon, France

Philippe Gayral and his wife Sandrine founded Muse Vintage Wines in 2005. Philippe had been working for a co-operative in the Roussillon, on the border between French and Spanish Catalonia. As he visited the many small estates in the area, he discovered that many of these domaines still had one or two barrels of precious fortified wines, the famous ‘vin doux naturel’ that have been made in the area since the 13th century. Often these treasures were made and conserved to memorialize a family event or simply an exceptional vintage. And all too often the estates were no longer making this type of wine.

He and Sandrine set about buying up these rare casks, ending up with the largest collection of its type. They work with the estates and the local and national authorities to document and authenticate the vintage and provenance of each barrel. Needless to say, quantities are limited, and the selection available changes. The wines below represent a little of what we have brought in. Please consult us for current availability.

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