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Lugana, Italy

Ottella ­ the name refers to the story that octuplets were born at the estate in 1500. In fact the coat of arms in the courtyard (and now on the labels) seems to bear it out: it shows eight little baby heads in memory of the event.

Brothers Francesco and Michele Montresor might not have as large a family but their wine leaves an equally memorable impression. Their family estate covers 25 hectares near Lake Garda, most of it dedicated to ‘turbiano’ or Trebbiano di Lugana. The land is relatively flat, and the soil is compact clay, yet the wine is refined, mineral and age-worthy. In fact even the regular cuvee sometimes only shows its best after a couple of years in bottle. The brothers believe it is this glacial clay that is responsible for limiting the natural vigour of the lakeside vines.

Ottella Lugana
Ottella Lugana Le Creete
Ottella Roses Roses
Ottella Gemei

Point of Sale

Ottella Lugana - ST

Ottella Lugana Le Creete - ST

Ottella Roses Roses - ST

Ottella Gemei - ST

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