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Jumilla, Spain

Winemaker Maria Jover, who honed her craft at Vega Sicilia, before she returned to her native Levante, produces wonderfully fresh wines from the organic, old-vine Monastrell grapes in Spain's Jumilla DOP.

Since its beginning, the winery has focused efforts on preservation of the “Terraje” farming system whereby landholders rent their vineyard to the farmers, ensuring care and respect for the vines in return for a small percentage of production.  While nearly all of the 80-90 year old vines in Jumilla are currently farmed in this manner,  the future is less certain as many landowners are advancing changes that would increase the productivity of the vines. Parajes del Velle is committed to ensuring that the “Terraje” farming system is preserved, ensuring the higher quality old vine fruit and higher pay for those tending the vines.


Parajes del Valle Monastrell Jumilla

Parajes del Valle Bobal Rosado Manchuela

Parajes del Valley Macabeo Blanco Manchuela

Parajes del Valley Macabeo Orange Manchuela

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