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Cotes du Rhone, France

A sommelier, a wine buyer, and a professor walked into a bar… And thus was born Le Plan des Moines, a boutique negociant in the Rhone, sourcing top quality fruit from hidden gems. Thierry Le Pommet, a former sommelier, and Daniel Orsolini, a trade buyer, joined up with the estimable Claude Serra, a renowned professor of oenology at the university of Montpellier. Their experience and taste are bringing us wines of remarkable complexity and balance at very affordable prices.  They select the grower, supervise the harvest, wine-making, the ageing and the bottling. The bottling always takes place at the property. Grapes are traditionally handpicked and carefully sorted. Priority is given to organic treatments on the vineyards. The average yield does not exceed 40 hl/Hectare.


Le Plan des Moines Côtes du Rhône Blanc ‘Les Silènes’
Le Plan des Moines Côtes du Rhône Rouge ‘La Borde’
Le Plan des Moines Côtes du Rhône Villages Rouge ‘Le Prè des Suves’


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