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Sardegna, Italy

A collaborative venture, in part from the Faccenda family, longtime friends and producers of great Piemontese wine at Guidobono, Sa Raja’s bottlings of Vermentino, Carignano, and Cannonau are immediately captivating. The estate, at the heart of Gallura, Sardegna’s jewel appellation for Vermentino, was recently completed and houses the very latest equipment available in winemaking technology. From this idyllic perch overlooking the Mediterranean, the team at Sa Raja is responsible for some of the most exciting, and indeed refreshing, wines the island has to offer.

The property itself consists of 49 hectares of vines, all Guyot trained and sustainably farmed. It is managed using the “integrated agriculture” methodology: practicing organics where possible but foregoing the certification so as to reserve all options in the event of issues in the vineyard. They actively encourage biodiversity and do not use herbicides or insecticides.

The results of these labors are clear: clean, polished and expressive wines in a region with a tendency towards rusticity, and a promising future for a young producer.

Sa Raja Vermentino di Sardegna

Sa Raja Vermentino di Gallura

Sa Raja Cannonau di Sardegna

Sa Raja Carignano del Sulcis

Sa Raja Rosato Isola dei Nuraghi

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