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Willamette Valley, Oregon

In 1988 Mark Vlossak and some friendly investors founded St Innocent Winery, with the aim of emulating Burgundian Pinot Noir in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Mark has always aimed to make wines that reflect vineyard site, or ‘terroir’. While he uses oak to age some of the wine, he wants you to taste the wine, not the oak, and looks for freshness and elegance rather than extract and jammy fruit. He is proud of the long and fruitful relationships he maintains with the best vine-growers of the valley. Ironically for a man dedicated to terroir, perhaps his most widely known wine is the ‘Villages Cuvee’, a blend of fresh, cool-climate grapes that is modeled on the village level wine of Savigny-les-Beaune and Beaune. It includes 6 out of the 7 vineyards that supply St Innocent.


St Innocent Chardonnay Freedom Hill
St Innocent Pinot Noir Villages Cuvée
St Innocent Pinot Noir Temperance Hill
St Innocent Pinot Noir Shea
St Innocent Pinot Noir Momtazi
St Innocent Pinot Noir Freedom Hill

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