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Soave, Italy

Brothers Gaetano and Pio Francesco represent the fourth generation of their family to tend the rows of Garganega vines at Tamellini, but their forebears sold off their crop each year. In 1998, the two elected to change course and became the first in their family to usher their 26 hectares worth of grapes from vine to bottle in their own winery. Since then, Gaetano oversees vineyard management while Pio manages the wine production. The objective has always been to produce a wine that is typical and representative of their appellation, Soave, but that stands apart in personality and character. A tall order to be sure, but the wines speak for themselves as to the brothers’ success.

Farming in the most environmentally friendly way possible, they do not use fertilizer or insecticide, and they encourage natural flora to populate the rows between the vines. Where other producers might use chemicals, Gaetano and Pio opt for integrated pest and disease management methodology. They do not till, instead encouraging biodiversity and water and nutrient retention and avoiding soil erosion over time.

In the winery, all production is done in stainless steel, strictly temperature controlled and with the utmost care for the grapes. As a result, Tamellini’s wines are pure, unmistakably expressive of Garganega’s greatness as a varietal wine, but with a freshness and intensity rarely seen from other producers.

Tamellini Soave
Tamellini Soave Classico Le Bine di Costiola
Tamellini Spumante Metodo Classico

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