Romagna, Italy

Morena Trere runs her family winery with passion and flair, ably aided by her son Max. Less than an hour southeast of Bologna, her 50 hectares of hillside vineyards slope gently towards the ancient town of Faenza. She grows a variety of native grapes, and makes deliciously forthright wines. Wines for drinking and pleasure, the perfect accompaniment to the most refined cuisine in Italy.


Trerè Romagna Frizzante/Sparkling Pagadebit ‘GIOJA’
Trerè Romagna Frizzante/Sparkling Pignoletto ‘CURENA’

Trerè Romagna Sangiovese ‘LONA BONA’

Point of Sale

Trerè Romagna Frizzante/Sparkling Pagadebit ‘GIOJA’ - ST

Trerè Romagna Frizzante/Sparkling Pignoletto ‘CURENA’ - ST
Trerè Romagna Sangiovese ‘LONA BONA’ - ST


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