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Buxueil, France

Decidedly unusual in Champagne, Vincent Couche has been certified biodynamic for almost fifteen years (and was practicing well before that). He is among the most meticulous growers in the region, tending to his ten hectares of Pinot Noir plantings in Buxueil and an additional three of Chardonnay in Montgueux. A rising star of Champagne, his approach recalls Burgundy in many ways. He vinifies small parcels separately with a near fanatic focus on terroir, and he keeps his plantings extremely dense to encourage competition between the vines, rendering them strong and vigorous. This bucks many tendencies of the region: producers with an approach to Champagne production as a sort of recipe to be calibrated with each fresh harvest.

Vincent does not chaptalize, which means his grapes require more ripeness to have sufficient sugar for full fermentation. Frequently this means harvesting a full week or more after his neighbors. Even dosage is kept to a minimum if he performs it at all. This unique approach from vineyard to cellar, along with a notably long fermentation using native yeasts, makes for Champagnes of unique ripeness and intensity considering their pronounced dryness.


Vincent Couche "Eclipsia" Brut
Vincent Couche Chardonnay Montgeux Brut Nature 

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