Champagne Henriot

Ever since 1808, the year when the House of Henriot was founded, the members of the family who run the firm have been driven by a will to offer amateurs of Champagne a wine which would combine the highest quality with genuine character.  Today Joseph Henriot, who has presided over the House since he began his career, still supervises the management of the vineyards that the family has put together, mainly on the famous Côte de Blancs.  Since the House's requirements are more or less covered by the grapes produced by these vineyards, the managers are able to apply their skills to the making of distinctive wines, in keeping with the demands of family tradition.  Indeed, in contrast to the majority of the Grandes Marques, the Henriot blends contain more Chardonnay than the Pinot Noir, giving a particularly elegant, light, and vivacious breed of wine.  To carry out the fermentation and winemaking, the skill and talent of renowned professionals is guided under the constant vigil of the House of Henriot.  At its disposal, the House has vast cellars in former Gallo-Roman chalk pits in Reims where the bottles are aged for at least three years and much more for the best vintages. It is here that, in due course, the prestigious bottles will be riddled, disgorged, labeled, and then dispatched to the customers.

Henriot Brut Blancs de Blancs

This blend cannot be described any better than comparing it to a bouquet of flowers.  This light, lively, fruity Champagne has as its base the Chardonnay from Henriot vineyards in the Côte de Blancs. It will never overpower the palate, bringing gaiety and freshness to celebrations. Fine and delicate bubbles ornament its bright light-green and gold color. Pale gold hue, with light-green highlights. Intense, complex floral nose with a touch of white fruit. Fruity, sharp, lively, persistent in the mouth with mainly citrus aftertaste.

Should a Brut Champagne be a flat commercial product designed to please everyone?  Henriot turns his back on this attitude. The Brut Souverain is a blend capable of satisfying the most discerning of the House's customers: it is a lively, very dry wine, with complex aromas that state its origins without hesitation.  An unusual proportion of Chardonnay from Grands Crus gives this blend a particularly distinguished character.  Beautiful pale gold color. Persistent sparkle, fine regular bubbles. Pleasant nose, made very elegant by the large amount of Chardonnay. Sharp, well-balanced, and harmonious on the palate.