Domaine des Braves


Domaine des Braves belongs to Paul Cinquin, a former nurseryman partly of Romany lineage. As a seedling specialist of some repute, he did much of the grafting work for the appellations of Brouilly, Morgon, and Régnié. This gave him contact with virtually all of the growers, and information about all of the different ways of making Beaujolais, and that is part of the secret of the quality of his wine.

Even though the wine is 100% tank-aged, and bottled early (late March, all in one bottling run), the wine is a mixture of 3 different vinifications:

thermo vinification for color and lightness of aromas

Côte d'Or-style pigeage for extraction, and a different set of tannins and aromas

typical Beaujolais semi-carbonic maceration for obvious and typical fruit, soft tannins

The blend of all 3 gives more complexity of tannins and fruit.

Paul tends to pick his grapes 7 to 10 days later than most growers, for ripeness, and he has used the best rootstocks and grafts in the business. The wine is only very lightly filtered so that it retains all of its ripe fruit and round tannins.

Quite possibly the best Régnié of all, since the inception in 1988 of this high-altitude appellation, the 10th of the Beaujolais crus.