Maison Rijckaert
(White Burgundies and Jura)

Many of you have heard of Verget, the white burgundy producer. It was a partnership of two men, who split up few years ago. One of the two was Jean Rijckaert, a name you have probably never heard, but a talented winemaker.
Settled north of Beaujolais in Leynes, he has the double cap of producer and négociant, and takes care only of white grapes bought in Burgundy and Jura. He has developed strong bonds with its suppliers and unusually -- for a négociant, is fair enough to put their names on the bottles. He produces nice white wines elegant and refined, showing the differences between the terroirs and thus their typical charactrer.

Viré-Clesse "Les Vercherres" Vieilles Vignes:
From the new appellation of the Mâcon region, this is a delicious wine, with rich fruit and honeyed touches. It combines depth and complexity. Spices and toasted nuts counter balance wonderfully the honey and peach flavors.

Hautes Cotes de Nuits "Aux Herbeux":
A quality wine, you could keep for a while if you wish. The peaches, oatmeal, toasty French oak and firm acidity will meld with time, but there is sufficient depth to enjoy it now.

Viré-Clessé Vielles Vignes "L'Epinet":
An other nice Viré-Clessé but closer to a rich white Burgundy with Meursault-like notes and a round, opulent flavor.

Arbois "Pré-Lèveron" Chardonnay:
This is a refined and elegant wine, deeply marked by the terroir and a finish of a great purity and a true character.

Maranges: "En Borgy":
The southern village of Côtes de Beaune isn't known for its whites, it scarcely makes. However Rijckaert produces here a very rich and powerful wine, with toasty notes. The excellent structure and elegant texture lead to a fine finish. The flavors are covering a wide range of sensations: apple, buttery, mint, nutty, toasted nuts.